Noun | Parts of Speech


What is NOUN? NOUN Noun is a word which use to name a person, a place or a thing we can see, touch, smell, hear, taste or think of:- Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great leader. Muhammad Mushtaq goes to school daily. Pease don’t make a … [Continue reading]

78 Pair of Words with Sentences (PDF 2015)

Pair of Words

Download Pair of Words.PDF Pair of Words Affect: This incident did not affect his health. Effect: It did not have any effect on him. Advice: He gave me a good piece of advice. Advise: He advised me not to miss my classes. Alter: We … [Continue reading]

Uses of Introductory IT and THERE

Uses of introductory it and there

Uses of Introductory IT and THERE Use of introductory “it” and “there” Read these sentences: It is seven o’ clock. It rained yesterday. There are ten boys in the classroom. There were no flowers in the garden. Let us translate … [Continue reading]

Multan City History | Multan City of Saints

Multan City History

History of Multan City Multan, the city of saints, has been a center of learning, culture and civilization for centuries. It is one of the oldest living cities of the world. Its original name as described by Hiuen Tsang, a Chinese traveler, who … [Continue reading]

How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google 2015

How to Rank Youtube Videos on Google

Hi friends. Today I will teach you how to Rank YouTube Videos on Google 2015. Everyone knows ranking any website/video is tough. Not every professional rank in search Engines. Many people’s were asking that how can I rank YouTube video on Google … [Continue reading]

What is Grammar | Define Grammar

What is Grammar | Define Grammar | Learn Grammar

What is Grammar | Define Grammar The sentence and parts of speech:- When we want to say something we use words. We generally use words in different combinations. A combination of words which makes complete sense is called … [Continue reading]

Village Life Essay in English

Village Life Essay

Village Life Essay In English Village Life Essay in English, Village life is most of time remarkably quit. A village is made up of farmhouses, mud-houses, uneven dirt lanes and ponds. There are dung-hill, heaps of rubbish and rows of … [Continue reading]